Samsung Odyssey G9 Review: Why It Is Still Good for Gaming

The Samsung Odyssey G9 review will cover its price, image quality, firmware, and back panel, as well as comparisons with its rivals.

Samsung Odyssey G9

KAMPALA | NOW THEN DIGITAL — In this Samsung Odyssey G9 review, we will discuss its price, image quality, and back panel . You will also discover how this monitor compares to its competitors.

  • In the Samsung Odyssey G9, HDMI 2.0 provides an increased refresh rate. Though the Neo G9 has a slightly better response time, it’s not really noticeable.
  • With a 32:9 aspect ratio, the Odyssey G9 also provides a tremendous in-car perspective, making it easier to gauge corners and feel immersed in the action.
  • In terms of image quality, Samsung Odyssey G9’s screen offers excellent results. It delivers 109 PPI, giving it almost as much sharpness as 4K displays.
  • In addition to our review, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is well worth a look, with a price tag of $1,189.99 from Amazon or $1,249.99 from Newegg.
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Let’s dive in.

Samsung Odyssey G9 price

The gamma of the monitor exceeds the sRGB gamut by quite a bit, covering 90.2 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. In terms of contrast, it is better than many other LED-backlit monitors.

But the uber-wide aspect ratio may not be for gamers. If you plan on using this monitor primarily for work, it is better to consider an alternative monitor.

It also has a single HDMI port and dual DisplayPort connectors. However, it is a bit bulky and expensive. For the price, it is definitely worth considering. This monitor isn’t for everyone.

While the screen is beautiful and offers an excellent image, the Odyssey G9 has some limitations.

Some games won’t play in the 32:9 aspect ratio, while others will revert to a sidebar. Fortunately, there are hacks to exploit the wide display to your advantage.

If you’re a serious gamer, the Samsung Odyssey G9 can replace your multi-monitor system. The G9’s screen size is generous enough for multiple web browser tabs and research purposes.

You’ll need more desk space than the , but the Samsung Odyssey G9’s wider screen makes it difficult to work comfortably. It’s a big monitor, and you’ll want to be sure it’s right for your needs.

As a gaming monitor, the Samsung Odyssey G9’s bright, vivid screen is one of the best available.

Although it’s not quite as pixel-perfect as its rivals, the G9 has plenty of brightness and vibrancy, and supports G-Sync and FreeSync.

The screen has low input lag, but no discernible latency. The screen has the ability to produce stunning graphics.

It does not take long to figure out that Samsung Odyssey G9 is a great value. Its Amazon price is $1,189.99, while Newegg’s price is $1,249.99.

The Odyssey G9 is also remarkably responsive and provides brilliant colors, thanks to a high-speed processor and a 1000R curve.

The price is quite reasonable, too.

Odyssey G9 image quality

While this does mean that the G9’s image quality needs a high-end graphics card, it’s still an excellent choice for casual gamers.

The G9 also has good overall gaming compatibility, with mixed reviews on its game compatibility.

Although the 32:9 aspect ratio is more appealing than IPS, it’s not always the best choice for gaming. The wide-screen aspect ratio can lead to huge black areas on the sides, and this doesn’t work well for competitive games.

The screen’s wide-format design offers excellent contrast, with very good gray uniformity.

Samsung’s VRR Control setting reduces this problem by doubling the frames at these lower frames. However, it can still cause a flicker.

In addition, the Samsung Odyssey G9’s response time is excellent at max refresh rate. Moreover, the overshoot is minimal, if noticeable, at 60Hz.

The Odyssey G9 also works well with a flight yoke, racing wheel, or open-world vistas. Almost all MMOs allow you to customize the UI and minimize the aspect ratio problems.

Despite its excellent image quality, the Odyssey G9’s display has terrible local dimming. It works only in HDR mode.

The result is that the black level rises significantly. It’s also distracting, as the transition between zones is faster at the center than at the edges.

However, the display does look better with regular HDR content. And while it’s not as good as an IPS, it’s still quite impressive.

Infinity Lighting, which allows you to use a blue light while gaming, is another feature that is worth noting on the Odyssey G9.

Core Sync is a new feature that analyses a color in the center of the screen and radiates it from the rear, resulting in a more realistic game experience.

This feature can even blur the line between game and reality. For those of you who play games on your PC regularly, this feature is a must-have for gamers.

Samsung Odyssey G9 back panel

This RGB-capable feature casts a brilliant light, and is perfect for themed setups. This gaming PC also has HDMI 2.1 inputs. However, if you want a larger screen, there are other options.

Although it’s only worthwhile for certain models, it helps save desk space. We also like the large, rounded corners, which make the Odyssey G9 feel very solid. Nonetheless, some users may prefer a different color or style of stand.

The screen fills the peripheral vision, while the curved back panel and blue lighting ensure that the picture never looks smudged.

Although the display is large, the Samsung Odyssey G9 doesn’t feel small on the desk. If you’re looking for a gaming PC with great visuals, this is a great choice.

The back panel of the Samsung Odyssey G9 is nearly entirely white glossy plastic. The Samsung Odyssey logo is located on the left side of the panel.

The Odyssey’s stand is detachable, and comes with an optional VESA wall mount. The back panel also covers the connectors.

You can replace this part with a VESA wall mount if you’d prefer. Once you’ve refinished the Odyssey G9’s back panel, the bottom part is the best option.

The Odyssey G9 monitor features a 49-inch curved screen with dual QHD resolution. The white back panel and glowing blue ring on the rear retain the Tron-like design aesthetics.

The Odyssey G9’s Quantum mini-LED backlighting was added in 2021. The Odyssey G9 is a remarkable monitor that’s sure to impress.

Another good reason to buy this gaming PC is its curved back panel. The Odyssey G9 back panel is curved, and it’s important to know exactly what that means.

The back panel of the Odyssey G9 is curved, so if you want to play games on it with more accuracy, the larger the number the better.

The back panel of the Odyssey G9 is curved to minimize glare. You’ll want to check the back panel to make sure it’s not bent. Then, you can adjust the back panel for a better viewing angle.

The screen’s resolution of 5120 x 1440 will push most GPUs to the limit. Even with reduced settings, the screen will still deliver impressive graphics.

However, the display’s price will likely be a deal-breaker for many people.

The Review

Samsung Odyssey G9

Originally published at on July 18, 2022.



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